Book CoverRestorative Justice: An International Journal has announced that its first issue is now in print. The journal is available from Hart Publishers. eForum subscribers are eligible for a discount. A sample, which includes the first four pieces in the journal, may now be downloaded.

Contents of Volume 1. Issue 1. 2013


An adventure is taking off. Why Restorative Justice: An International Journal?
by Ivo Aertsen, Stephan Parmentier, Inge Vanfraechem, Lode Walgrave and Estelle Zinsstag

"Words on words"
by Nils Christie

"Ten responses to 'Words on words'"
by John Braithwaite, Kathleen Daly, Jan Froestad & Clifford Shearing, Shadd Maruna, Gabrielle Maxwell, Christa Pelikan, Joanna Shapland, Josep Tamarit Sumalla, Lode Walgrave and Martin Wright.


'Love thy neighbour' values, needs and willingness to participate in restorative justice: A survey of Australian and Japanese victims and offenders
by Valerie Braithwaite, Hsiao-fen Huang and Monika Reinhart

The South African Constitutional Court's restorative justice jurisprudence
by Ann Skelton

Book Reviews

Susan L. Miller, After the Crime. The Power of Restorative Justice Dialogues between Victims and Violent Offenders
Reviewed by Susan Sharpe

Jeffrie G. Murphy, Punishment and the Moral Emotions. Essays in Law, Morality, and Religion
Reviewed by Bas van Stokkom

Joanna Shapland, Gwen Robinson and Angela Sorsby, Restorative Justice in Practice: Evaluating What Works for Victims and Offenders
Reviewed by Gill McIvor


Restorative Justice: An International Journal has also announced it is accepting submissions for publication. Follow the guidelines and find email contacts.


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