Here are a list of films related to Restorative Justice, compiled by Kris Vanspauwen from suggestions made on the Restorative Justice International (RJI) LinkedIn group, that contributors thought would be useful to show to prisoners and inform them about the meaning of RJ:

  1. "Facing the Demons" produced by IIRP (purchase with IIRP, USD 76, subtitles in different languages). Documents a conference led by the Australian pionering police officer Terry O'Connell. The conference deals with the aftermath of a murder case. I used it before in a Master Program on Conflict Resolution where I did an exercise afterwards with the students mapping the different positions, interests, needs and identities of the different participants.
  2. "Building Bridges" produced by IIRP (purchase with IIRP, USD 30, subtitles in diff languages). Also a real-life documentary of a case where young guys burned a historic bridge. The community gets involved in a conference.
  3. "The Woolf Within", produced by Why Me? (online, You Tube). A remarkable story of a drug abuser and criminal Peter Woolf whose life was transformed through meeting with his victim. I have met with Peter Woolf. He is a motivational speaker.
  4. "Confronting" Series by Oprah Winfrey Network (viewable online). Short documentaries on the mediation process between victims and offenders of often very serious crimes. These are short and sometimes powerful "good news stories".
  5. "Concrete Steel and Paint", by New Day Films (USD 100). A documentary of quite an original and fascinating RJ program using art as a project to facilitate dialogue between victims and imprisoned offenders. I would rather use this as an inspirational source for groups/communities searching for similar project development.
  6. "Beyond Conviction" produced by (USD 95). An award winning film documentary that follows three victims on their way to their offender. It's a moving story about healing. Unfortunately, it seems hard to get a copy if you reside outside of the US.
  7. "A Justice that Heals" produced by Jay Shefsky through WTTW/Chicago (USD 19). A documentary about forgiveness. Seems like a valuable film, but hard to get for non-US residents?
  8. "The Way Home" produced by Hallmark Channel (Lovett Productions). A documentary for which I didn't find any information.
  9. "Levity", by Sony Pictures with Morgan Freeman (Amazon, GBP 7). A commercial movie on an ex-life-sentenced offender who attempts to so seek forgiveness with the family of his victim. This is certainly a movie that is worth presenting to prisoners.


Anyone have other suggestions? Write them up in a comment...

I'd also mention that Lisa Rea, the moderator of the RJI LinkedIn Group, has announced that Restorative Justice International (RJI) is considering establishing regional working groups around the globe. The focus of the groups would be to work on public policy efforts and seek to expand the use of restorative justice in a targeted region. People interested in helping in this grassroots effort can express that in the LinkedIn group.


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