Presentations from the IIRP UK & Ireland 2012 Conference in Swansea, Wales: “Putting Theory into Practice: The Restorative Way”

Following up from the IIRP UK & Ireland 2012 Conference in partnership with City and County of Swansea: “Putting Theory into Practice: The Restorative Way” at Liberty Stadium, on Thursday 29th November, below are links to PDF files of the Plenary and Workshop Presentations submitted by presenters so far.

Plenary Presentations:

Les Davey: ‘Defining Restorative Practices’

Hilary Davies: ‘Restorative Practices in Swansea’

Marian Quinn: ‘Restorative Practices in Tallaght’

Graham Fay: ‘Restorative Practices in Swansea Youth Bureau’

Lizzie Nelson: ‘Mainstreaming Restorative Justice’

Richard Parry: ‘Closing Address’


Workshop Presentations:

Val Keitch: ‘South Somerset Community Justice Panel’

Linda Millington: ‘Safeguarding the Restorative Process’

John Boulton: ‘Restorative Practices as an Anti-Bullying Strategy’

Simon Saxton: ‘Improving Relationships in Residential Communities’

Marian Quinn & Joyce Cahill: ‘Restorative Practices in Tallaght West’

John Boulton: ‘Restorative Practices and Student Mentoring’

Nicola Preston: ‘Restorative Practices and Engagement and Learning’

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