Papers from "Restorative Practice in Action," the 2nd International Conference on Conferencing and Circles, August 10-12, 2000, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Plenary Sessions

Romola Trebilcock (Canada), From Silos to Circles: Reclaiming Restorative Practices

Murray Sinclair (Canada), Aboriginal People and Justice Issues

Lorenn Walker (USA), Conferencing: A Group Process That Promotes Resiliency

Charles Pollard (UK), Restorative Justice and Police Complaints

Breakout Sessions

(Papers voluntarily provided by presenters. These do not represent all breakout sessions)

Les Davey, Can Police Services Deliver Sound and Safe Restorative Practice?

Jean-L. Dutil, Restorative Practices Seen by the Court

Ronald Hunt, Conferencing a Serious Arson Case

John Howard Society of Moncton, Community Justice Volunteer Mobilization Project

William R. Parks, II, Community Policing a Foundation for Restorative Justice

Susan Russell, Questions for Restorative Justice Practitioners to Consider When Creating and Implementing a Victim-Centered and Victim-Balanced Program

Jeanette Schmid, Program Design: The Family Group Conferencing Project - Etobicoke

Annemieke Wolthuis, Restorative Aspects in the Dutch Juvenile Justice System

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