A Tale of Two SchoolsA major report by the Council of State Governments, in support of the US Justice and Education Departments' national school discipline guidelines, shows that the consensus on school discipline "among students, parents, teachers, school administrators, specialized staff, behavioral health professionals, police, probation, court officials, juvenile correctional administrators, and many other expert advisors" includes restorative practices as a core feature. (See p. 4 of the report or 29 of 461 in the pdf.)

The National Education Association supports "Sowing Empathy and Justice in Schools Through Restorative Practices."

Educational Leadership publishes "The Power of the Circle" by the IIRP's Laura Mirsky, about the great work being done at Harding Middle School in Philadelphia, PA.

Also, Betsaida Ortiz, assistant principal of Harding, and IIRP President Ted Wachtel, spend an hour talking with therapist Dan Gottlieb on "Voices in the Family," a production of WHYY, a National Public Radio affiliate.

Changes in school discipline sweeping the US

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: American Prospect reports on success in a school IIRP has worked with extensively.
Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (KIPCOR) at Bethel College offers training to help teachers create positive discipline through restoring relationships.
Long Beach, California: Community Says "No More Class Time Lost to Suspension", according to latest FixSchoolDiscipline blog.
Santa Rosa, California, school board President: “The impact of restorative justice on Santa Rosa schools has been astounding.”
Michigan adopts "Policy on Reducing Student Suspensions and Expulsions," recommending restorative practices and PBIS.
Chicago, Illinois: Video features Fenger High & Curt's Cafe show restorative practices at work for youth and professionals. Also, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune weigh in on disciplinary changes for Chicago Public Schools that include restorative practices.
New York City is poised to expand restorative practices for schools, with the support of Mayor DeBlasio, and Teaching Tolerance reports on the impact of restorative practices on a school in the Bronx.


Restorative Bristol (UK) argues for the use of restorative justice to handle police complaints.

South Australian courts mark 20 years of restorative conferencing by issuing a comic book about the successful handling of a case with boys who stole a car.

Restorative Justice: An International Journal releases the first issue of its second volume.

IIRP Faculty to present at major conferences

IIRP Lecturer and Trainer Elizabeth Smull will deliver a keynote and breakout on the use of restorative practices in schools and families at the  3rd Annual Southern Region Student Wellness Conference on July 17th in San Bernardino, California. She will also present during a breakout session at the 2014 International Bullying Prevention Conference in San Diego in November.

Dr. Craig Adamson, assistant professor at the IIRP and executive director of CSF Buxmont, presents a breakout called "Restorative Workplaces: Opportunities in Challenging Times," at the Restorative Justice, Responsive Regulation & Complex Problems conference at the University of Vermont this July. He will discuss the challenges facing a non-profit youth serving organization in today's economic climate. Adamson says, "Engaging staff in meaningful conversations surrounding the complex processes of program change, reduction of services, layoffs, policy mandates and strategic planning for the future creates many challenges. The workshop will include examples of these workplace processes, circles and opportunities for discussion that create an environment of open dialogue and decision-making."

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