Educational Leadership has a piece this month by Larry Ferlazzo "Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do" that rings true on a number of levels.

The list includes:

  • Remember that authoritative beats authoritarian.
  • Believe that everyone can grow.
  • Give positive messages.
  • Apologize (i.e., being willing to admit that as a teacher, you are also human).
  • Be flexible.
  • Set the right climate.

Under a section titled "Understand that power isn't a finite pie," Ferlazzo writes:

"I was a community organizer for 19 years before I became a teacher. A key lesson I learned was that power isn't a finite pie. If I share the power I have, that doesn't mean I'll have less. In fact, the pie will get bigger as more possibilities are created for everyone."

The entire piece, which fleshes out all these points, can be found here. I think it could make a great team builder or set of discussion points for teachers working in and developing a restorative milieu in their schools.

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