With so many states, cities and school districts reevaluating discipline codes, Dignity in Schools, a U.S.-wide coalition of youth, parents, educators, grassroots and advocacy groups, which aims to end the school "pushout" crisis and foster positive approaches to school climate and discipline, has published a "Model Code on Education and Dignity." At the same Dignity in Schools is joined by 50 other groups calling for a national moratorium on the use of out-of-school suspensions for students.

The Model Code promotes restorative practices as "one of the most successful and widely used school-wide preventive and positive approaches to discipline," and includes a synthesis of recommended language and practices from a wide range of sources within the restorative movement.

Restorative practices, says the Model Code, "proactively build a school community based on cooperation, mutual understanding, trust and respect, and respond to conflict by including all people impacted in finding solutions that restore relationships and repair the harm done to the school community."

Download the Model Code (PDF) or read more about it here. Three and a half pages about restorative practices begins on page 28.

Below find a 15-minute video from the recent Solutions Not Suspensions rally and press conference in Inglewood, California announcing the moratorium:

More related videos can be found here.



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