A. Miguel Tello is an instructor and faculty member at the IIRP. Miguel is inspired by the healing and transformation realized in people´s lives as a result of the explicit use of restorative practices. Seeing conflicts that previously seemed intractable be addressed and witnessing communities that were fractured find new ways to connect keeps him engaged and passionate about this work. He is an experienced program monitoring and evaluation and organizational development consultant working with organizations throughout Central America. He was introduced to restorative practices through his role as program manager for restorative justice programing with the Prison Fellowship International Center for Justice and Reconciliation, Latin America.

Miguel is an executive coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation and by INCAE Business School in Costa Rica. He offers restorative practices training and consulting to a variety of non-governmental organizations in Central America. He also teaches an online course on measuring program outcomes and impact for the Center for Executive Education at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. He earned his Master of Public Administration in Public Policy, a Master of Arts in International Studies from University of Washington, Seattle, and a Master of Arts in Christianity and Culture from Gonzaga University. He is an associate certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. He currently lives in Richmond, VA.