View papers from the 11th IIRP World Conference, held October 22-24, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Plenary Sessions

Cathy Ashley — Family Decision Making in a Changing Context

Dominic Barter — Restorative Practices in Brazil’s Youth Justice and Public School Systems

Bruce Schenk, Helen Fox, Rusty Hick, Lynn Zammit — Restorative Practices in Canadian Schools: An Evolving Journey

Breakout Sessions

(Papers voluntarily provided by presenters. These do not represent all breakout sessions)

Benoliel, Feldman and Gray — Integrating Empathy and Peer Leadership into School Community Restorative Justice

Don Cooley, Rekha Cherian, Elizabeth Nastasi — Mediating Disputes in the Criminal Court: The Adult Justice Committee in Action

Les Davey — Restorative Practices in the Workplace

Susan Leigh Deppe — Affect and Script: Building Relationships and Communities

Lyn Doppler — Nurture a Heart & Soul in Your School: Is it Pumping or Does it Need a Bypass

Berit Follestad — From Trouble to Dialogue: School Mediation and the Role of Student Mediators

Sarah Fuhrman, Sarah Gruenewald, Greg Lawton — Restorative Justice in Schools: Facts, Figures and Effectiveness

Todd Gribbon, Sean Ruddy, Jeffery Thornborrow — A Two-Tiered Approach in Developing Restorative Practices for School Communities

Sue Klassen, Joan Mitchell— Trainer’s Forum

Renee Laframboise, Tania Petrellis — Restorative Opportunities: Victim-Offender Mediation in Serious Crime

Terry O’Connell, Lesley Oliver — Developing a Restorative Team: Where the Journey Must Begin

Lesley Oliver — The Challenge of Embedding Restorative Practice at a School District Level: An Australian Case Study

Sylvia Parris — Restorative Justice and Africentricity:A Model for Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

Colleen Pawlychka — Winnipeg Youth Justice Committees: Restorative Justice Values and Practices

Jolene Schillinger Erikson — Transformative Discipline: An Empowerment Model for Parents

James Termotto — Developing a Community Embracing Diversity: When Neighbors Are Not Neighborly

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