Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 12.11.54 PMThe IIRP is consolidating many of its relationships in Europe to create a new initiative under the banner of IIRP Europe.

With affiliates in the UK and Hungary, plus associates in the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, IIRP President Ted Wachtel believed that Europe needed to have a regional identity under the global IIRP banner. Les Davey, CEO of IIRP Europe (formerly IIRP UK & Ireland) welcomed the move and said that it better represents the IIRP’s operations across Europe. Vidia Negrea, Director, Community Service Foundation of Hungary, said, “I think it is a great change with new possibilities to create a stronger presence in Europe.”

IIRP Europe's activities will initially be centered in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Republic of Ireland. The Basic Restorative Practices 4Day Event and the Restorative Responses to Grief, Trauma & Adversity 2Day Event are currently scheduled to take place for the first time in Europe in Manchester, United Kingdon, in September and November, respectively. The Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace 2Day Event will be offered in London in February 2014. All of these events may be taken as stand-alone events, but they may also be applied toward graduate course credit with additional online course work.

Gradually there will be a rollout of these and other events in other countries across Europe. The Basic Restorative Practices event will also be available in Spanish and Portuguese, as these have already been translated for IIRP's work in Latin America. Contact IIRP Europe if you are interested in having these events come to your country.

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