Founder and CEO, Akoben LLC, Delaware, USA

Abdul-Malik Muhammad, Ed.D., has been serving both youth and adults as an educator, transformational leader, entrepreneur, and author for nearly three decades. Working with the underserved in urban and rural areas, he has focused on the development of boys to men, been active in social justice, and has built progressive organizations. His previous leadership journeys have included being a principal, career college president, corporate director of education, and regional vice-president of a national mental healthcare organization. He is currently the founder and CEO of Akoben LLC, a professional development company, and Transforming Lives Inc., a provider of alternative education services. Through this work, Malik is continuing to diligently transform lives, one community at a time. He is the author of The Restorative Journey – Book One: The Theory and Application of Restorative Practices and contributing author of the recently released Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities.