This video, in Catalan with English subtitles, portrays a project to implement restorative practices across sectors in the Son Gotleu neighborhood of the city of Palma on the island of Majorca, Spain. It's about 20 minutes long, and includes great video of restorative practices at work and testimonials of adults and children.

Here is a selection of moving quotes from the video:

"Restorative practices mean we can work in the same way with minors from every area in the neighborhood with the same terminology, the same language. The neighborhood children and families get the same kind of response, the same terminology from the school, from social services, from the health center, etc. This makes it much easier to work together because in the end we all work to help the same people." - Catalina Trobat, social worker

"RP have led us, as teachers, to understand our students, which was very difficult at times in certain situations, and to be able to speak on equal terms with them to learn to see the situations their way." - Antonia Santandreu, Miquel Porcel elementary school

"Restorative practices provide another perspective, from much more democratic and educational point of views. ... These kinds of practices are demanding that we act in a much more democratic way. They give the student more autonomy to decide the fairest process to face a conflict with one or several classmates." - Guillem Camps, Joan Capò elementary school

"It's a new way of living together and communicating; I believe there's no turning back." - Amanda Mir, Gabriel Vallseca elementary school

"Restorative practices are a project of and for the community. ... It's all about making decisions about how we want to live together and knowing we are able to achieve it." - Maria Bel Pomar, University of the Balearic Islands

Restorative Practices in Son Gotleu (English subtitled) - YouTube.

The film may also be viewed without English subtitles.

Thanks to Vicenç Rul-lan for forwarding the link.

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