The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) inaugurated Linda Kligman, Ph.D., as its new President during a ceremony at Hotel Bethlehem on November 4. During her acceptance speech, Dr. Kligman announced the institute’s expansion of its Impact Scholarship program, awarding five additional full-tuition scholarships to international candidates for the next five years.

“Entering into this new role, I am reminded that international should not be in name only at the IIRP,” says Dr. Kligman. “As a field founded on developing social capital and social networks through participatory learning and decision-making, we need to welcome a more diverse student body to expand our knowledge. By taking this step, we make graduate level education in restorative practices accessible to more people from different backgrounds. This not only benefits these 25 individuals, but it benefits our learning community and their communities, building more skilled practitioners and compounding IIRP’s impact around the world

The IIRP, located in downtown Bethlehem, is the world’s first graduate school solely dedicated to the field of restorative practices. At the heart of restorative practices is the understanding that human beings are instilled with the need to connect and grow with each other. Since opening in 2006, the mission of the IIRP has been to strengthen relationships, support communities, influence social change, and broaden the field of restorative practices by partnering with practitioners, students, and scholars. It offers both accredited master’s level programs and professional development training. Previously, its Impact Scholarship program offered one annual full-tuition scholarship.

“As IIRP President, Dr. Kligman will focus on the growth of the graduate school's enrollment and impact, developing more research in the field and expanding the reach of restorative practices into new areas,” says Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D., IIRP Provost and Associate Professor. “This experience, along with her unique combination of skills as a scholar, practitioner, and a leader in the field of restorative practices, will help her continue to increase our existing momentum and elevate our school both on a national and international level.”

Prior to her role as the IIRP’s President, Dr. Kligman served as Vice President of Administration for 11 years. In addition to being the institute’s third president, she is the first female to fill the role. She is also a graduate of the school.

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