Restorative Justice Today - Miller - WachtelA chapter about restorative practices in higher education by IIRP President Ted Wachtel and University of Vermont director of residential life Stacey Miller has been published in a new book called Restorative Justice Today: Practical Applications, edited by Katherine S. van Wormer (University of Northern Iowa) and Lorenn Walker (University of Hawaii Honolulu Community College).

The book also includes a section on traditional North American native restorative justice philosophy and practice by Laura Mirsky, IIRP assistant director of communications and technology.

The publisher says the book "takes a hard look at the issues and concepts surrounding restorative justice and current restorative practices used in a broad range of areas today. In a time when the cost of prisons and jails is on the rise resulting in more offenders being kept out of the community, this timely and contemporary book exposes readers to a range of restorative practices that can be implemented. The authors, renowned experts in the area of restorative justice, provide information not found in other restorative justice texts."

John Braithwaite of Australian National University says of the book: "Lorenn Walker and Katherine van Wormer assemble a very contemporary collection of reforms, evidence and critique on the transformation of justice. Its pages are graced with the reflections of many of the deepest thinkers and doers of restorative justice. The book is a wonderful accomplishment that is strewn with so many gems of beautiful thought and beautiful practice. This is an inspiring book for those struggling to seek the heartland of a restorative vision."

Other contributors to the book include Howard Zehr, Kay Pranis, Gabrielle Maxwell, David Wexler, Gale Burford, Dennis Wong, Margaret Thorsburne and Theo Gavrielides.

The book can be purchased at SAGE Publications web site.

More information about IIRP's Building Campus Communities program can be found here.

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