Papers from "Dreaming of a New Reality," the Third International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, August 8-10, 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Article: Reflections on "Dreaming of a New Reality": The IIRP''s Third International Conference by Laura Mirsky

Plenary Sessions

Ted Wachtel (USA), Dreaming of a New Reality: Welcoming Remarks

Joseph Roy & David Piperato (USA), Transforming School Culture

Elizabeth Quinnett (USA), The Family Unity Meeting Program in the County of San Diego Child Protection Setting

Tim Newell (UK), Restorative Practice in Prisons: Circles and Conferencing in the Custodial Setting

Vidia Negrea (Hungary), Dreaming of a New Reality for Troubled Youth in Hungary

Paul McCold (USA), The Worst School I''ve Ever Been To: Empirical Evaluations of a Restorative School and Treatment Milieu

Heino Lilles (Canada), Circle Sentencing: Part of the Restorative Justice Continuum

Breakout Sessions

(Papers voluntarily provided by presenters. These do not represent all breakout sessions)

Heather Burns, Citizens, Victims & Offenders: Restoring Justice Project, MCF-Lino Lakes

Linda Burns, Juvenile Accountability Conferencing: A Child of Restorative Justice

Anne Burton, Charles Smith & Matt Casey, All Assistance Short of Actual Help

Cheryl Como, Getting Real: A Program of Accountability and Restoration

Linda Flanders & Stephanie Haider, Classroom Circles and the Art of Making Movies

Kathleen Holland, Expanding FGC Within Our Community

Greg Lewis, Teaching and Learning in Circle

Mel Lofty, Restorative Policing

Patricia Marshall, Gary Shaw & Elizabeth Freeman, Restorative Practices: Implications For Educational Institutions

Anna Mestitz, A First Survey on Victim-Offender Mediation in Italy

Carl Parsons, The Hyper-specialisation of Interventions - Just Being There For Us

Melanie Spiteri, Sentencing Circles for Aboriginal Offenders in Canada

Inge Vanfraechem, Implementing Conferencing in a Legalistic Country

Dennis S.W. Wong, Developing Restorative Justice for Juvenile Delinquents in Hong Kong

James W. Zion, Indian Restorative Healing

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