Two comments on the IIRP's 14th International Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

One thing I learned is that Restorative Practices advocates are increasingly seeing themselves as part of a broad social movement to build community and hold people accountable using the power of relationships instead of relying on impersonal coercion and punishment.

-- John Bailie, IIRP Director of Continuing Ed

[quote]The Halifax IIRP conference was my 14th such conference and without a doubt was the most impressive I have experienced. The quality of the 100 or so workshops was outstanding. The first day plenary sessions were riveting with a range of impressive presenters. Congratulations to Jennifer Llewellyn [NSRJ- CURA] and Ted & Susan Wachtel [IIRP] for your visionary leadership.[/quote]

-- Terry O'Connell, Director of IIRP Australia

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