Susan Wilson has over 20 years of experience using a restorative lens in her work to promote individual voice and advocacy and support building community. She is the founder of Together Works Restorative Consulting. Susan coaches college students, serves as an ombudsperson for a national education organization, and trains and teaches individuals and communities in restorative practices.

Susan has implemented restorative practices with children, adolescents, and adults.  She has worked in secondary schools (public and private), work ready programs, higher education, and nonprofits. In her role as student services coordinator at Temple University, Susan introduced restorative practices to increase inclusivity and accessibility for students impacted by a disability. She is actively involved in academic research in higher education and presents regularly at national and international conferences in disability services.

Susan values the power of community inclusion and the ability to connect with one another to heal, transform and create endless possibilities. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from New York University and a Master of Science in Restorative Practices from the IIRP Graduate school.