Stephanie Natera has over 15 years of experience in various roles in mental health and education settings. As a licensed clinical social worker, school social worker and school counselor Stephanie has had the opportunity to work with students of various grade levels, adults with severe and persistent mental illness, as well as individuals in partial care programs. As an Afro-Latina, Stephanie has had the opportunity to provide many of these services in English and Spanish.  

Stephanie offers a greater understanding of how restorative practices can be implemented in diverse school settings. She has led initiatives that have focused on implementing restorative practices and school-wide circles to strengthen relationships within the school building, not only with educators and students, but also with secretarial staff, security guards and more. She developed a circle curriculum that centered around identity politics and how it relates to the student experience while building a sense of community within school settings.

Stephanie graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies and from Rutgers University with a Master in Social Work.