Graciella Drew is a restorative practices trainer, providing training and/or consulting in multiple urban and suburban school districts throughout the United States. She serves as an instructor, trainer and coach for multiple organizations, including the IIRP Graduate School and supports a variety of professionals in learning how to implement restorative practices with their staff, students and community members.

Chella has nearly three decades of experience working with educators in roles including preschool teacher, child development specialist, special education teacher, adjunct professor, behavior intervention specialist, director of restorative practices and educational trainer and consultant. She learned about restorative practices in her role as a Behavior Interventionist, and absolutely fell in love with the work! This is where her restorative journey really began as she enrolled in coursework with the IIRP, and then shared the practices with educators, family and friends. She became a restorative practices trainer while serving as the Director of Restorative Practices in a Baltimore City school. A few years later she decided to launch her career as a trainer and consultant of restorative practices.

Chella has a passion for educating youth and adults about the power of positive relationships in creating change in one’s life, in schools, workplaces, and communities, and she holds a firm belief that every person can improve if given the proper support and resources. She has Bachelor in Psychology from James Madison University and a Master in Education and Human Development from George Washington University.

When she isn’t traveling around the U.S. to share these practices with anyone and everyone she meets, Chella loves to travel to visit the beaches of the world (with family and friends, or simply for some alone time). Though the beach is her happy place, anywhere in nature is where Chella calms her mind, rejuvenates her energy and renews her spirit.