The Facilitating Restorative Conferences curriculum provides a template to engage with those who cause and experience harm, along with related community.

All kinds of incidents, from arguments to bullying, racial incidents to property crimes and violence can be addressed in this format.

The elements of the conference can be broken out to inform less formal processes — including restorative circles, small impromptu conversations and one-on-one interactions. Skills you are able to teach include monitoring your own reactions in stressful situations, listening with empathy and creating shared understanding among conflicting parties.

PDFs: Training Materials

VIDEO: How to Facilitate a Conference

VIDEO: From Hostility to Harmony

Trainer Contact

If you have questions or technical issues, please contact Ken Tompey by email at

Recommended Book

We recommend trainers purchase a copy of the book Restorative Justice Conferencing by Ted Wachtel, Terry O'Connell and Ben Wachtel for each person trained.

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