Restoring Community

The IIRP is committed to supporting promising individuals in financial need to learn the knowledge and skills to make a lasting positive impact in their communities. Impact Scholarships will provide full tuition and other support for dedicated professionals across the globe.

Your donation will fund students like Arti Mohan, in New Delhi, India. Arti is empowering victims of domestic violence and providing restorative justice to impoverished youth, thanks to her learning in the IIRP Master of Science program.

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"For communities where violence, impoverishment and marginalization are unimaginably high, I see my work as contributing to making the world a better place."

Arti Mohan ‘19

Work that makes an impact

We began as an international group of practitioners committed to growing a new social science of healthy relationships. Now our institution is recognized throughout the world for its positive contributions to civil society. We provide skills-specific education to scholar-practitioners, focused on real-life professional challenges.

Our alumni form a passionate network of leaders and role models the world desperately needs:

  • In Trinidad, music therapist Keisha Martinez is teaching abandoned children with disabilities the social and emotional skills they need to survive.
  • In Oakland, California, middle school educator Scott Krumsee is enabling students to recover from the emotional trauma of witnessing gun violence.
  • In Cape Town, South Africa, Family Court Magistrate Gabriela McKellar is providing healing and resolution for families embroiled in the trauma of familial litigation.

The IIRP has provided more than $1 million in scholarships since we were accredited as a Graduate School in 2011 — without the benefit of a large endowment, grant funding or the support of a major university.

Please give to Impact Scholarships. You'll be providing crucial support for real communities and the next generation of change makers around the world.

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