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Payment for Licensed Trainer Renewal

Licensed trainer renewal fees are now due for 2019. Please select to pay $100 for one year or $180 for two years, a 10% discount.

By completing this form and submitting payment, you agree to the following terms. To:

  1. Adhere to the training script, prescribed sequence and configuration of the events, and provide the IIRP content as whole-day trainings.
  2. Purchase from the IIRP or its affiliate, and provide each person attending, a copy of the paperback book related to each IIRP training day.
  3. Use the IIRP name, registered trademark and materials in association with IIRP trainings only, and not in association with any other trainings or professional development offerings.
  4. Obtain permission from the IIRP to use any materials and/or intellectual property in any manner other than a scripted IIRP training prior to scheduling the event.
  5. Cooperate with all IIRP reporting requirements, including:
    1. Notifying IIRP, on a timely basis, of location and projected enrollment of scheduled trainings
    2. Sending, on the first business day following a training, sign-in sheets
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