***July 25, 2018: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***

Quality in Online Learning Matters at the International Institute for Restorative Practices Graduate School

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School's course, Restorative Practices in Action (RP 525), receives nationally recognized Quality Matters Certification Mark for meeting course design standards in an Official Quality Matters peer review.

Quality Matters (QM), a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process that certifies the quality of online courses, has recognized the IIRP Graduate School faculty's commitment to quality assurance for designing a course, Restorative Practices in Action, that meets Quality Matters standards.

Quality Matters has developed a widely respected set of standards for the design of effective online courses and a rigorous faculty peer review process for applying these standards to existing courses. Through this process, reviewers provide instructors and instructional design teams with insight and recommendations that increase learner engagement, retention and satisfaction, and, ultimately, learner achievement.

"Working with Quality Matters is an opportunity to ground your work in the standards of the field and improve your courses for the greatest likelihood of student success," comments Gina Baral Abrams, Dr.PH., IIRP Director of Research and Program Evaluation/Assistant Professor. She adds, "Our leadership is supportive of our quality assurance initiative, our faculty and staff feel invested and empowered, and we have a shared understanding of QM principles and rubrics."

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About the IIRP Graduate School

The IIRP Graduate School uses the Quality Matters Rubric as a guideline in all course development and revision. The QM Rubric and process fit perfectly into our mission of providing quality online courses to students.

The IIRP is dedicated to the study of restoring relationships, social discipline, emotional well-being and civic participation through participatory learning and decision making. All that the IIRP offers is driven by our mission, rooted in everyday professional practice and accessible from anywhere in the world through a wide range of flexible learning options.

About Quality Matters

Quality Matters (QM) is an international, US-based non-profit organization specializing in standards, processes and professional development for quality assurance in online and blended learning. QM tools and resources are regularly revised to reflect current research and best practices. When you see QM Certification Marks on courses or programs, it means they have met QM Course Design Standards or QM Program Review Criteria in a rigorous review process.


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