Restoring Community

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From the Toronto District School Board:

Weston CI students Coco Wang, Tyrell Cunningham, Fidan Topyurek, Jasmine Ramrup, Joel Reid and Devante Burey On June 16, 15 students and staff from Weston CI, Portage Trail Community MS and Amesbury MS presented at the World Conference for Restorative Practices in Halifax, N.S.

The presentation, β€œRe-culturing a Cluster of Schools in the Toronto District School Board – Our Vision of Hope,” showed how the schools worked with community partners to bring restorative practices to the school community.

Restorative practices try to repair relationships by recognizing the problem and giving everyone a voice. At the conference, six students from Weston CI - Jasmine Ramrup, Tyrell Cunningham, Coco Wang, Devante Burey, Fidan Topyurek and Joel Reid - shared how they formed Weston Restores! and led student assemblies and conferences about restorative practices.

School representatives will join parents and community partners to form a Restorative Practices Steering Committee this fall. The committee will keep working on repairing, restoring and building relationships in the school community.

Restorative practices are part of the Urban and Priority High Schools Initiative, funded by the Government of Ontario.