Restoring Community

Murphy, S. M. & Seng, M. P. (Eds.). (2015). Restorative justice in practice: A holistic approach. Lake Mary, FL: Vandeplas Publishing.

Murphy and Seng (2015) move beyond the walls of justice and provide further support that restorative practices penetrate systems and has the potential to influence a more connected society. Murphy states in the introduction that, “We cannot continue on our present path and still have progressive, vibrant communities” (p. 14). The collection of chapters begins with a definitional framework that creates the foundation for the pragmatic implementation of restorative justice (RJ). The roots of RJ are embedded in practice, traditions, and rituals with many forms of community. In true RJ form, the editors include multiple voices to share their stories and experiences with process, healing and connectedness. The reader is taken on a journey that discusses justice from historical texts to current issues such as immigration and clergy sexual abuse. This text supports the field of restorative practices moving across disciplines as an emerging social science.

Craig W. Adamson, Ph.D
Associate Professor