Gabriel Rodríguez is an IIRP Instructor, has several years of experience within management roles, and is passionate about leadership, relationships, and community. As a manager, through his firsthand experience with leadership, he naturally discovered a way to work with his constituents in a “restorative” manner. His passion for justice, building community, fostering belonging, and repairing harm has led him to the IIRP Graduate School. It was here that he was able to gain the language and understanding to help identify what he was doing that made him successful as a leader. Gabriel uses a trauma- and socio-economic-informed lens to examine relationships and determine how people can best connect with each other. He is currently working on writing his debut book The Key, which discusses a key ingredient needed to build healthier, more meaningful lives and relationships while living under systems of oppression.  

Gabriel earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Graduate Certificate in Restorative Practices from the IIRP Graduate School. A Chicago native, he currently resides on the west coast with his dog, Cookie.  He is a musician, an avid reader, and is always eager to learn and educate.