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Students are responsible for ascertaining the school’s status during inclement weather. In the event that classes must be cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions, an announcement will be left on the IIRP voice mail system (610-807-9221) and on our website. Select "Students" on our website, and the information will be noted there. It will also be displayed when you log in to your Student Portal. Students are responsible for calling or going online to ascertain the school’s status during inclement weather.

General Information

As the first graduate school devoted to the emerging field of restorative practices, we do not yet have an endowment, so our ability to offer financial assistance is limited.

The IIRP offers Transparent Tuition for admitted students, guaranteeing that their tuition will never increase. In addition, admitted students receive an 8.35% discount for all coursework taken at the IIRP. We do not charge fees for course registration, materials, graduation and transcripts. (There are fees for course withdrawal and late registration.)

Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks and materials in each course.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

The IIRP offers an interest-free tuition payment plan that extends over 39 months for Graduate Certificate students or 96 months for Master’s Degree students. The payment plan has no prepayment penalty. There is a one-time payment plan set-up charge of $75.

Shawn Suzch Scholarship

The Shawn Suzch Scholarship is awarded in July to a matriculated master’s degree candidate who demonstrates outstanding spirit and drive worthy of Shawn’s memory. $1,000 in tuition assistance will be awarded in memory of Shawn, a young man who overcame adversity with courage and determination. The scholarship recipient will also be someone who expresses financial need to support their studies. The application and further details are available in your Student Portal.

Military Benefits

Military personnel (and their dependents) who have served or are currently serving our country may take advantage of educational benefits available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Graduate students at the IIRP are catalysts for change, putting what they’ve learned into practice in their own professional settings. The study of restorative practices draws from a range of disciplines, with the goal of understanding how to best address wrongdoing and conflict, support positive behavioral change, build social capital, educate, lead and, ultimately, strengthen civil society.

At the IIRP, learning occurs through student-centered, faculty-guided exploration and reflection. Faculty are not only prominent thought leaders but also experienced practitioners in education, justice, social work and organizational management. Students have the opportunity to personalize their studies and focus on their greatest professional goals and challenges. Through blended and online learning experiences, students develop professional relationships with practitioners from across the globe, as they apply and evaluate what they are learning in their own settings.

Both the Graduate Certificate (4 courses/12 credits) and the Master of Science (10 courses/30 credits) programs are built around a core curriculum, with a choice of electives to personalize a student’s educational experience. To take graduate courses a student must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a U.S.-accredited institution of higher education or its equivalent.

Registration is open for Fall 2019.

View schedule for:

Fall 2019

Note about academic terms: Fall Term runs September through December, Spring Term runs January through May, and Summer Term runs June through August

Fall 2019 Course Offerings

Registration for Fall 2019 begins 06/01/2019.

IIRP graduate courses are three credits and consist of 42 hours of direct instruction delivered in-person and/or online. Courses with final exams have an additional three hours of instruction time. Students should plan to spend approximately two hours preparing for each instructional hour; this may include reading, research and other assignments.

Registration:  Course registration deadlines are posted under the registration tab of the student portal and are course specific. While registration deadlines may be as short as one week prior to the start of a course, we strongly recommend completing the registration process no later than 30 days before the course begins.

Late Registration Fee: Students who choose to register after the applicable deadline will pay the Late Registration Fee of $25.

Foundational Courses
(online courses show start and end dates)

RP 500 Basic Restorative Practices

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Blended | Course duration: 4 weeks | Prerequisite: None

This course explores the fundamental principles, philosophy, theories, practices, models and skills of restorative practices. Special emphasis will be placed on proactive and responsive circles, restorative conferencing and the informal application of these processes.  Issues critical to the development of restorative practices, such as models of human interaction, theories of behavior and current research will be considered. Students will assess the role of human emotion, especially shame, in social relationships.

Students taking this course will complete 18 hours of coursework online after attending the 4-day Basic Restorative Practices event. 

500.01 Online Portion Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Oct/08/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Sep/04/2019, 1:00 pm EST
500.02 Online Portion Wed Nov/06/2019 through Tue Dec/03/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Oct/30/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 525 Restorative Practices in Action

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Online | Course duration: 10 weeks | Prerequisite: None

Students will implement and evaluate a restorative practices project that builds on their previous experience.  Students will acquire restorative skills through readings, lecture, self-assessment and an interactive online process.

Prerequisite: Participation in two professional development days — Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively — taken after January 1, 2009. 

525.01 Online Course Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Nov/19/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Aug/14/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 610 Evaluation of Research

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Online | Course duration: 10 weeks | Prerequisite: RP 500
This course teaches students to be knowledgeable consumers of research so that they can understand and critique what they read. Students will explore approaches, methods and techniques through online group discussion and readings of research that they choose based on their own areas of interest.
610.01 Online Course Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Nov/19/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Aug/14/2019, 1:00 pm EST


RP 506 Restorative Practices: The Promise and the Challenge

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Online | Course duration: 10 weeks | Prerequisite: None

This course introduces students to a wide range of possible applications for restorative justice and other restorative practices in varied settings including criminal justice, education and youth services, higher education, social work and workplaces. Students explore the potential, as well as the limitations, risks and obstacles to restorative practices through reading, online videos, interactive online discussion and writing assignments.

506.01 Online Course Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Nov/19/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Aug/14/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 515 Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Blended | Course duration: 7 weeks | Prerequisite: RP 500

An intensive group experience, this course will immerse students in a culture of restorative practices in class.  The course will emphasize self-assessment of both personal and professional styles and growth in restorative practices. Students will also learn to facilitate and implement a professional learning group.

Students will complete 30 hours of coursework online after attending the 2-day Restorative Leadership Development: Authority with Grace event.

515.01 Online Portion Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Oct/29/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Sep/04/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 541 IIRP World Conference

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Blended | Course duration: 7 Weeks | Prerequisite: None

In this course students gain credits based on participation and engagement at an IIRP world restorative practices conference. They supplement this direct experience with related readings, writing assignments and online discussions. Students actively evaluate, discuss and critique presentations using restorative practices principles. Students will complete 27 hours of coursework online after attending the conference.  Registration for the conference can be completed online.

541.01 Online Portion Wed Oct/30/2019 through Tue Dec/17/2019
Registration Deadline: Mon Oct/28/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 625 Restorative Practices in Life Space Crisis Intervention

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Online | Course duration: 10 weeks | Prerequisite: RP 500

This course focuses on the basic communication process in problem management and crisis intervention. Life Space Crisis Intervention, which helps individuals identify patterns of self-defeating behavior, is viewed through a restorative lens. Role plays of restorative responses facilitate an understanding of the process. Students will learn to apply Life Space Crisis Intervention with individuals in the moment of crisis.

This course requires participation in synchronous skill-building experiences with the instructor and a willing participant with whom to practice questioning skills.

625.01 Online Course Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Nov/19/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Aug/14/2019, 1:00 pm EST

RP 662 A Restorative Approach to Educating the High-Risk and High-Need Student

Credits: 3| Delivery mode: Online | Course duration: 10 weeks | Prerequisite: RP 500
Every classroom, whether mainstream or specialized, contains students who experience poverty, trauma, persistent adversity, addiction/substance abuse, neglect or other risk factors at some point in their lives.  This course goes beyond “behavior management” to focus on a restorative framework and techniques for instruction that meet the unique cognitive and emotional needs of these learners.
662.01 Online Course Wed Sep/11/2019 through Tue Nov/19/2019
Registration Deadline: Wed Aug/14/2019, 1:00 pm EST

Enroll in your first course and save.

You may start with a blended course or the fully online course RP 506 Restorative Practices: The Promise and the Challenge. A blended course involves attending an in-person professional development event, conference or symposium followed by additional online coursework.

All students are eligible to take their first course with our Transparent Tuition and save 8.35% off of tuition.

A bachelor's degree or equivalent is required.

Create a Student Portal, then contact Student Services to register for your first course at a discount.

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If you have already been admitted or have signed up for our Interest-Free Payment Plan, registration is simple. Please see the instructions on our frequently asked questions page.

Register for a blended course.

Registering for a blended course is a two-part process. Blended courses consist of an in-person professional development event followed by online instruction. Typically, the online portion will be taken in a future term.

Step 1 - Register for a professional development event that is convenient for you.
  1. Find an event near you. Pay attention to the timing. You must have attended the event prior to the start of the graduate course.
  2. Click the registration link for that event, or call the IIRP office at 610-807-9221, to make your payment.
  3. Your payment for the professional development event will be credited towards the cost of completing the online portion of the blended course.
Step 2 - Register for the online portion of the course.
  1. Create a Student Portal.
  2. Contact Student Services to enroll in your first course as the discounted rate.

Register for RP 506 Restorative Practices: The Promise and the Challenge

You will only be assessed a late registration fee if you are registering after the course enrollment deadline.

You will receive an email providing instruction on how to access your course 30 days prior to the start date of the course.


Applications accepted year-round.

A bachelor's degree or equivalent is required for all our programs.

Each student applying to our Master of Science program is given personal consideration. Candidates for admission may be asked by the Admissions Committee for a personal interview or additional supporting documents. Please email all application materials (except transcripts, which must be official) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We do not accept transcripts forwarded by the applicant. Official transcripts must be sent by institutions directly to the IIRP. Transcripts should be sent by:

  • Mail to IIRP, 531 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018-5837 USA
  • Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Admitted students must enroll within the academic year for which they have been admitted.

Transfer Credits

Due to the specialized nature of the Institute’s programs, transfer credits will not be accepted, with the exception of IIRP coursework offered as ORLA 5340 and taught by IIRP faculty at the Summer Principals Academy, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York.

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces may have transfer credits reviewed without guarantee of acceptance of such.