Deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills.

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is a graduate institution designed for the 21st century, where learning centers on real-life challenges and projects.

We are the first graduate school wholly dedicated to restorative practices.

Our students exhibit a pioneering spirit, and together we are fostering restorative practices as an emerging social science.

At the IIRP, you will:

  • Learn concepts and practices you can use immediately.
  • Gain essential skills to be more effective in your work.
  • Receive constructive feedback from experienced, supportive faculty. 
  • Join a worldwide network of people committed to advancing restorative practices.
  • Gain confidence with online technologies and environments by connecting with supportive faculty and fellow students.

Our Students

IIRP students seek to positively influence their organizations and communities whatever their job role. Many already have advanced degrees, but they come to the Graduate School to learn more and establish themselves in a field that didn't exist when they were first studying.

Our Faculty

IIRP faculty are the world’s leading experts in the ideas and competencies they teach. They’ll help you tailor your studies and facilitate meaningful online engagement with fellow students from around the world.

Blended coursework allows you to study where you live and work.

You may try your first course without applying for admission.

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