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Graduate students may find they need additional assistance for tuition costs after availing themselves of their own tuition reimbursement programs or receiving a scholarship award.

Rates lower than federal student aid

For students in the U.S., loans are available at 3.9%, an interest rate that is substantially lower than loans provided through the U.S. government's Federal Student Aid program, making it more affordable to earn a degree.

Budget calculator

Loans are available for tuition costs. Students are responsible to pay applicable fees and for materials and textbooks. Use the calculator to determine your personal amount and term of the loan. The interest rate is 3.9%.

Students pursuing a master’s degree can apply for terms up to 8 years.  Students pursuing a certificate can apply for a term up to 2 years.

Once the amount and terms are confirmed, the student signs a promissory note (PDF), a Private Education Loan Self-Certification Form (PDF) and a credit card authorization (PDF).


Truth in Lending disclosure

Below is a Truth in Lending disclosure example for loan amounts from $3,000 to $12,000, in $1,000 increments, borrowed at 3.9% interest and paid over an 8-year period with the total of all payments at the end of the 8 years.

Loan Example for Different Loan Amounts Borrowed over Two Years

Use the loan calculator above to determine the monthly payment and total paid for specific amounts and/or another time period.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Payments for 8 Years *Total Paid
$3,000 3.9% $36.43 $3,497.13
$4,000 3.9% $48.57 $4,662.84
$5,000 3.9% $60.71 $5,828.55
$6,000 3.9% $72.86 $6,994.26
$7,000 3.9% $85.00 $8,159.97
$8,000 3.9% $97.14 $9,325.68
$9,000 3.9% $109.29 $10,491.39
$10,000 3.9% $121.43 $11,657.10
$11,000 3.9% $133.57 $12,822.81
$12,000 3.9% $145.71 $13,988.52
* There is no prepayment penalty to pay off the loan.