Facilitated by IIRP Lecturer Elizabeth Smull, M.S., our 7-week graduate course, RP 541 IIRP World Conference, brings together students from around the world to enrich conversations begun at the in-person event. Expand your learning through exposure to high quality study materials, including exclusive video interviews and the book The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice, co-edited by Marg Thorsborne (a former conference presenter).

RP 541 IIRP World Conference is offered once per year in the fall term.The course brings together students from the Detroit conference, Strengthening the Spirit of Community, along with participants of the the IIRP Canada Conference in Toronto last spring. You must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent to enroll, but there are no other prerequisites.

Themes will include leading and sustaining institutional change and restorative practices in schools and community. Register by Monday, October 29; course begins Wednesday, October 31.

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