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IIRP online graduate courses, facilitated by our knowledgeable and experienced faculty members, bring together bright, passionate professionals from around the globe who are committed to changing the world through restorative practices.

IIRP Graduate Courses provide:

  • high quality study materials, including readings, videos and threaded discussions.
  • opportunities to deepen and reflect on your own practice and get feedback.
  • meaningful relationships with professors and fellow students who become mentors, peers, colleagues and friends.
Two course options to discover more:

RP 500 Basic Restorative Practices – For students who have taken all four days of Basic Restorative Practices professional development, our cornerstone Graduate Course provides a foundation of theory and practical concepts.

RP 525 Restorative Practices in Action – In this course students develop a practical project in their professional setting and evaluate their project through action research techniques, a hands-on research protocol. (Those who have taken the first two days of Basic Restorative Practices professional development, Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively, are eligible to register for this course.)

Both courses are requirements of our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Degree.

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Tracy Myers

"I am a very face-to-face person, but never feel I am lacking connection. It is not only through excellent technology; it is because of professors who are passionate and want to share that passion with their students in engaging and emotionally intimate ways."

Tracy Myers '17
Virginia, USA