Restoring Community

As an international institution dedicated to improving civil society globally as well as locally, our philanthropic activities provide scholarship and project funding to individuals and communities in need around the world.

The IIRP created the Restorative Practices Foundation to remove financial barriers and support individuals’ efforts to create more restorative communities. The Foundation is a registered charitable organization in the United States and can accept gifts of any size.

  • The “Pay-It-Forward Scholarship” is available to IIRP graduate students who need financial support to pursue their education. Students who accept Pay-It-Forward Scholarships agree to replenish the pool of funds for future students, as circumstances allow.
  • IIRP Latinoamérica partnered with the Strachan Foundation to bring community leaders to the IIRP Latinoamérica Conference in June 2016, in Costa Rica.
Restorative Works 2016 coverGive to the Restorative Practices Foundation. Remove financial barriers to restorative education and support solutions that improve communication and relationships in communities worldwide.

Direct support for the youth in the IIRP’s model programs can be made through CSF and Buxmont Academy. Businesses paying taxes within Pennsylvania can qualify for Educational Improvement Tax Credits, as well.

Individuals or businesses in the European Union can support our work throughout Europe by participating in IIRP Europe’s Big Give.