The IIRP is a leading provider of restorative practices professional development and consulting throughout the world and manages several projects that use restorative solutions to solve complex social problems.

  • The Restorative Works learning network is a website offering free educational content, news and announcements to help people become more knowledgeable and proficient in restorative practices.
  • SaferSanerSchools: Working with schools on a building-wide basis to improve school culture, decrease disruptive behavior and conflict and help students take responsibility for their behavior and academic performance.
  • Real Justice: Working with police, probation and corrections to improve services for the three “customers” of the justice system: victims, offenders and the community.
  • Building Campus Community: Cost-effective way to provide residential staff skills to engage residents, establish authority and uphold expectations
  • Family Power: Promoting family group decision making (FGDM)/family group conferencing (FGC), a process that involves children, family members, extended family and family friends in making a plan for someone in their family.
  • Good Company: Working with managers and organizational leaders to improve organizational culture and morale.

Model Programs/Direct Service

Teacher and student smiling