Professional Development:
Using Circles Effectively


  • circles can be used, with a modest time investment, to:
    • create a positive community within your setting
    • manage behavior
    • engage people in their own issues
  • circles teach people:
    • that their workplace, classroom or other setting is a community
    • how to build trust
    • to support each other
    • to hold each other accountable


  • circle techniques and ideas
  • what circles can accomplish
  • how circles can be restorative
  • using circles to stimulate discussion

Agenda & Materials

  • participatory exercises to:
    • practice using circles
    • develop new circle applications and questions
  • videos of circles in actual situations
  • analysis of videos in the context of restorative philosophy
  • discussion of key circle issues
  • helpful materials to take home
  • instructional book: Restorative Circles

The one day runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Morning refreshments and a simple lunch are provided.

Cost per person
$200 USD / $200 CAD