Professional Development:
The Value of Restorative Practice – What It Is and What It Means

Join participants from Canada and around the world in exploring the fundamental principles of restorative practice. Discover how restorative practice can be applied in any organization to improve relationships, increase engagement, create a positive culture, prevent harm and more effectively respond to harm.

In this webinar, presented by IIRP Canada, you will learn:

  1. What restorative practice is and what philosophies and approaches support it.
  2. What it means to think and act restoratively.
  3. How a restorative culture can positively impact the climate of your organization.
  4. How people feel engaged and motivated when they are treated restoratively.
  5. How dealing with harm in a restorative way allows people to be heard, held accountable and move forward productively.
  6. What training opportunities are available to help your organization become restorative.

Cost per person
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