• Give People a Voice
    Give People a Voice
  • Build Empathy
    Build Empathy
  • Resolve Conflict
    Resolve Conflict
  • Improve Accountability
    Improve Accountability
  • Repair Harm
    Repair Harm

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"Conversations About Restorative Justice: Moving Toward a New Paradigm"

April 4-5, 2017 - Ottawa, Canada

Restorative justice, with its focus on reparation of harm, restitution, reconciliation and healing, has made great strides. It currently provides innovative, practical alternatives to an adversarial, punitive, retributive justice system in Canada and around the world. Yet how resilient could our communities be if our justice system and other collaborating systems were based on a paradigm of building, strengthening and repairing relationships?

This two-day gathering will allow both experienced practitioners and those interested in restorative justice to come together for a series of conversations to evolve restorative justice in Canada. Click here for more info and to register for this event.

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