Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Many years ago, speaking as one of the first graduates of the IIRP graduate program, I stated that every generation of humanity faces a few clear and undeniable challenges. One central challenge for this generation is a crisis of community and relationships. Now more than ever, we need strategies to build community.

This reality in large part explains the explosion of interest in the emerging social science of restorative practices. Last year, the IIRP Graduate School provided professional development for nearly 10,000 people worldwide. In our Master of Science and Certificate programs, students who hail from many diverse regions around the world are collaborating to create a stronger, more participatory society. Our work is positively impacting communities across the globe.

From very humble beginnings, the IIRP, our international affiliates and our network of friends and collaborators have bloomed into an intellectual and social movement with an impact on a scale far beyond our size.

A simple measure for a life well lived is that the world is better for your having been in it. In the case of the IIRP Graduate School, we can be confident that the world is a better place because we, together with all of you who support our work, are in it as well.


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John W. Bailie, Ph.D.
IIRP President

John W. Bailie, Ph.D., IIRP President

John W. Bailie, Ph.D.
IIRP President

Excerpted from
Restorative Works Year in Review 2015 (PDF)

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