Restoring Community

Interact with expert practitioners and learn key restorative concepts.

Meet our instructors and learn how restorative practices are being implemented in a variety of settings. Perfect for busy professionals, webinars are also a convenient option to recommend to key decision-makers or colleagues who want to learn more.

Join us for an online open house to learn more about the IIRP Graduate School. You will have the opportunity speak with IIRP faculty and students and hear information and inside perspectives about our graduate programs.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will be introduced to how restorative leadership can facilitate a positive staff community, improve work performance and make you a happier, more confident leader. Learn how restorative leadership:

In this 45-minute webinar, learn about the IIRP’s SaferSanerSchools™: Whole-School Change program, a proven effective way to achieve lasting whole-school culture change. Discover how to achieve school climate change with our intensive, cost-effective two-year implementation program that includes: