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Papers from the IIRP's 2003 conference in Veldhoven, Netherlands

Posted 2003-10-01

Plenary Sessions

John Blad (Netherlands), Against Penal Instrumentalism

Jim Boyack & Helen Bowen (New Zealand), Adult Restorative Justice in New Zealand/Aotearoa

Karin Gunderson (USA), Addressing Child Protection and Group Care Issues Through the Use of Family Group Conferencing

Joke Henskens-Reijman & Roel van Pagée (Netherlands), Restorative Practices in a Dutch School

Graham Waite (Australia), The Northern Territory Police Pre-Court Juvenile Diversion Scheme: A Preventative and Restorative Approach to Juvenile Offending

Lode Walgrave (Belgium), Restorative Conferences with Serious Juvenile Offenders: An Experiment in Belgium