Welcome, IIRP alumni!

The IIRP Alumni Association is a free benefit to all of our graduates (including graduate certificate recipients). We urge you to become a part of this enthusiastic group who believe in the power of staying connected. As our alumni have told us again and again — “It’s who we are!” Building upon these connections is how you and the IIRP hope to advance the understanding and applications of restorative practices around the world.

Benefits for IIRP alumni

  • Professional support and job postings on LinkedIn: Networking opportunities and peer support
  • 15% registration discount to the IIRP’s World Conferences
  • Lifetime subscription to IIRP’s Restorative Works
  • Free Trainings of Trainers (TOTs) (normally $1,500 each) to help alumni bring IIRP-licensed training to their organization or locale.

Advancing restorative practices

As IIRP alumni, you know restorative practices has the power to change people’s lives, including your own. In your invaluable role as an ambassador of the Graduate School, you also have the power to let others know of the long-term benefits of being restorative practice professionals. Your commitment can engage others and motivate them to learn more about IIRP classes and professional development events. In this way, each of you can expand the influence of restorative practices here and around the world.

Restorative Practices Foundation

To ensure that this emerging field maintains a rigorous curriculum, personalized learning experiences and credible research, consider a charitable contribution to the Restorative Practices Foundation.

  • Pay-It-Forward Scholarship Fund
    If you have received financial support while at the IIRP Graduate School, this is one way to pay it forward and help future worthy professionals like yourself from around the world have the opportunity to attend classes at the IIRP Graduate School.

  • Annual Fund
    As a new institution, presently without endowments or traditional earned-income resources such as cafeterias or residence halls, we ask for you to work with us and to invest in our future of our graduate school. This fund supports our daily operations for faculty, students and staff, as well as programs for alumni.

Services available to alumni

  • Request a transcript (PDF)
  • Stay in touch or share your story: To update contact information or to share life events and professional accomplishments, email [email protected]
  • IIRP Bookstore: Access to IIRP publications, Graduate School sweatshirts, window clings and education tools